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Overcome Your Muscle Building Genetics

This article is primarily aimed at people who are struggling to put on any form of muscle on their bodies. These people are typically labelled as 'hard-gainers' and generally tend to blame this on their genetics. While genetics and do play a part in whether you gain muscle and not, how quickly you gain muscle and how much of it you gain, the advantage genetics seemingly give lessens when a trainee with "poor genes" applies proper bodybuilding techniques and follows a solid dietary plan. Genetically disadvantaged trainees can put on a sizable and respectable amount of muscle within a relatively short time period when these practices are called upon and applied.After all, the aim is to look attractive, while being strong and healthy at the same time. Not all of us want to look like muscular freaks of nature. So without further ado, we will look back in the top five reasons why you can't overcome your muscle building genetics.1. You do not eat anywhere near enough -- This one may come as a bit of a surprise, but I've noticed that a lot of people who are unsuccessful with their muscle building conquests tend to consume food infrequently and inconsistently. They go for long periods without eating and suddenly gobble down copious amounts of food in a single sitting. If you want to build muscle, you will have completely transform the way you look at food and how you eat.Meals have to be frequent (5 to 6 times a day), small to medium sized, varied and nutritious. Collectively, when you eat 5 to 6 and medium-sized meals a day, the overall calorie count becomes a lot higher than that of two or three large meals. All this contributes to muscle growth as you create the calorific excess needed for muscle repair and muscle gain given your overall nutrition is in order.2. You have no clue what you're doing in the gym -- I always see the same people when I go to the gym and their physiques never seem to change. Why is that? The truth is, whether it's Monday or whether it's Saturday, these unfortunate souls continually perform the exact same exercises which are almost always isolations of the biceps and chest muscles.They never seem to focus on other areas of their bodies. Not only does this hurt their proportions, it hampers their muscle gains because the body likes to grow collectively as a unit. Besides, the body is quick to adapt to a routine and what they end up with are conditioned muscles and not necessarily large muscles. A more holistic approach that uses compound exercises is needed in order to transform your physique and create the kind of physique that is envied and admired by many.3. You waste your time and money on the wrong supplements --I frequently overhear people recommending some of these obscure 'nitro blaster exercises super gainer' supplements as their secret to building muscle. The truth is much simpler than that and there are only a handful of supplements which have been scientifically proven to positively contribute to muscle growth and they do not cost as much as you think yet the difference they make quite large.Of course, supplements such as whey protein and branched chain amino acids are invaluable and they should always be part of a body builders diet. However, some supplements (which I will not name) should not even be sold! Trainees should never waste their money and time on these.4. You aren't realistic about just how much dedication it takes -- I've always noticed that some people feel dejected about the lack of muscle gain after just two weeks of going to the gym! Unfortunately, noticeable muscle growth does takes some time. Sadly, this is longer than most people expect. Generally speaking, the body resists change, so for the first few weeks, it may seem as if nothing is happening.Once you overcome this barrier with persistence and dedication, you will notice that the changes start occurring rapidly and suddenly, everyone begins to notice the changes in your physique. This is rewarding, but it does take a little bit of time to get to that stage. Therefore you need to stay dedicated and accept that this is a lifestyle change which will become permanent.5. You don't have goals toward - Sometimes while socializing after my workout in the gym I ask people what they are working towards and I get blank expressions! It is rather worrying that so many people do not know exactly what they're going for and why are working out in the gym. I sometimes get vague answers like 'I want to get bigger' or 'I want to gain more muscle'. Little do they know that a pound of muscle gained IS more muscle. What they need to do is specify just how much muscle they want to gain and how long it will realistically take to get there and then set up an assault on that particular goal. If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you've arrived?These are extremely crucial points which can take you to from one level to the next in your bodybuilding conquests. I use bodybuilding as an umbrella term that collectively covers anyone looking to modify their physique by adding muscle. It does not strictly apply to just apply to people looking to compete professionally only.

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